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Fillings in Leighton Buzzard Pear Tree Dental Practice

At Pear Tree Dental Practice, we always take a preventative approach to. We try to avoid Fillings, but when one is needed, we take the time to explain why it is necessary, how it will be accomplished, and how you can reduce the need for future Fillings.

If your tooth has developed decay or a hole (also known as a “cavity”), you will most likely need a Filling. This common, tried-and-true treatment can last for several years when accompanied by follow on hygiene care at home and in the practice.

The first step in your treatment plan will be to perform an oral examination and to take x-rays of your teeth. If a cavity is suspected and then confirmed, a Filling will most likely be the recommendation. Your dentist will discuss with you the various options for Filling materials.

Fillings can be made from composite resin or an amalgam material. Each Filling material has its own unique purpose and benefit. Tooth coloured fillings are a very popular option, as they look the most natural.

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