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Dental implants

Dental Implants are often the ideal answer for a patient who has experienced the loss of one or more teeth. This loss can severely affect functions like chewing, eating, and speaking, and can impact self-confidence as well. Therefore, at Pear Tree Dental Practice, we want to help restore your bite, your smile, and your confidence as quickly as possible.

A Dental Implant is a natural-looking, permanent prosthetic tooth that is fastened to the jawbone using a titanium screw. It is a strong and durable replacement for your missing tooth and lasts for several years.

Your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and jawbone, with the help of x-rays and sometimes CT scans, to determine if you are a candidate for Dental Implants.

If an Implant is appropriate, a titanium screw is embedded into your jawbone. This screw will become the anchor, or root, for your new tooth. Once the screw site heals completely, usually after a few months, the dentist secures your new prosthetic tooth to the screw.

A Dental Implant is an important procedure that requires excellent treatment planning and knowledge of the patient’s needs. We are confident you will appreciate the level of care you will receive, for Dental Implants, and all your long-term dental care.

Single Tooth Implant

A single Implant can be a great alternative to a Bridge in cases where only one tooth has been lost. A single tooth Implant is easily incorporated into the rest of the mouth and functions just like a natural tooth. It is likely to last longer than a Bridge. In addition, the surrounding teeth do not need to be capped.

The Implant can be coloured to closely match surrounding teeth. With proper care, it can last a lifetime.

Implant Retained Dentures

If you have lost several consecutive teeth (or all of them), Dentures may be an option. Implant retained Dentures are like regular Dentures, except they are held in place by small clips that are attached to Implants embedded into the jawbone. This makes the Dentures less likely to rub against the gums or to slip out of position.

If you choose this option, we use x-rays or a CT scan to analyse your jawbone and to see whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Screws will be surgically embedded into the jawbone. Once your mouth has healed, you can receive and wear your new Dentures.

You can remove your Implant retained Dentures for cleaning, just as you would with regular Dentures which are not clipped to Implants but are secured by an adhesive instead.

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