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Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies in Leighton Buzzard Pear Tree

If you should experience any type of Dental Emergency, we know you will want advice or to be seen in our practice hours as soon as possible. We will always try to provide prompt emergency services to you.

A Dental Emergency can include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Unexplained oral pain or discomfort
  • Loss of a dental restoration, such as a Filling, Crown, or Bridge
  • Loss or chip of a tooth due to accident or trauma
  • Tooth abscess or infection

We provide emergency dental services out of hours to our existing patients. If you are not a registered patient of the practice, we will be pleased to accommodate you during regular practice hours.

We offer early and late-night appointments Monday to Friday (until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays). We are closed during the weekends.

Please contact us as early as possible if you are experiencing any of the above conditions so we can discuss your treatment, schedule you for an appointment, or make an appropriate referral.

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